Post-apocalyptic fiction, films and TV shows

TV series:
The Changes
The Last Train (six-part serial)
The Stand
The Tribe
* The Odyssey (TV series)
* The Colony (TV series)
* Miri (Star Trek: The Original Series)
* City Limits (film)
* The Sparticle Mystery
* 2030 CE
* Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction
* Mad Max (franchise)
* Other post-apocalypse fiction based on the death of all adults:
o Star Trek: The Original Series (October 27, 1966), Episode 08: “Miri”. The Enterprise discovers an exact duplicate of Earth, where the only survivors of a deadly plague are the planet’s prepubescent children.
o Logan’s Run (1967), the book and its sequels (Logan’s World and Logan’s Search depict a world where ‘The Little War’ has killed all the adults and suicide is mandated at age 21
+ Logan’s Run (1976), the movie and its derivative television series (1977–1978) depict a post-apocalyptic City of Domes where murder, in the guise of a ‘Renewal’ ritual, is mandated at age 30
o The Girl Who Owned a City (1975), young adult novel set in Chicago, USA
o Empty World (1977), young adult novel set in England
o The Odyssey (1992–1995), television series filmed in Canada
o The Tribe (1999–2003), television series filmed in New Zealand
o Andromeda (2000), Episode 03-103 “To Loose the Fateful Lightning” is set in a space station where all the teenagers die of radiation poisoning before they reach adult age.
o 2030 CE (2002–2003), television series filmed in Canada
o Gas-s-s-s (1971), movie set in the United States
o Shade’s Children (1997), an award-winning young adult novel by Garth Nix
o Gone (2008), a young adult supernatural novel by Michael Grant
+ Hunger (2009), the sequel to Gone


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