Words, contractions


Common contractions include:
can not = can’t
is not = isn’t
will not = won’t (unusual, in its placement of the ‘o’)
would have = would’ve

Double contractions
she would have = she’d’ve (colloquial)
it is not = ’tisn’t (archaic)

More contractions:
of = o’
of the clock = o’clock (e.g. 12 o’clock)
madam = ma’am (madam is itself a contraction of ‘my dame’, in addressing a lady, similar to addressing a gentleman as ‘my lord’)
never-do-well = ne’er-do-well
cat-of-nine-tails = cat-o’-nine-tails
jack-of-the-lantern = jack-o’-lantern
will-of-the-wisp = will-o’-the-wisp
it was = ’twas (archaic, although used in modern poetry)


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