Removing tabs from a MS Word document

I found that when I pasted text from one particular programme into Microsoft Word that I got a whole lot of tab markers across the top of the Word document. It didn’t seem to make a difference, but it annoyed me nonetheless. Here is how to delete all tab stops from a MS Word document:

1) Select the entire document (do this by pressing Ctrl+A).

2) Choose Paragraph from the Format menu. Or, right-click the selection and choose Paragraph from the resulting context menu.
[In Word 2007 and 2010, click the Home tab | Paragraph group Dialog launcher.]

3) Click the “Tabs” button (at bottom-left).

4) In the Tabs dialog box, click the “Clear All” button (at bottom-right).

5) Click the “OK” button.

Thanks to Susan Harkins from TechRepublic

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